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When a loved one gets arrested, it disrupts his or her routine. The individual arrested can’t go to work nor get a good night’s sleep. This also increases the anxiety of the family and friends of the accused. It is but natural that you want your loved one to get out of jail immediately. 

After arresting someone, the court will order bail. A bail is a leverage between the individual accused and the court. The court will give the individual accused or the defendant temporary freedom as long as the defendant agrees and promises to attend all court hearings for his or her case.

A bail is usually paid in the form of money or property while the bail amount is determined depending on the weight of the crime allegedly committed by the defendant. Bails usually cost a fortune. When the defendant or his or her loved ones cannot afford the bail, the next best thing is to use a bail bond.

Our company is the leading bail bonds company in San Diego. We have been dealing with different cases for years and have gained the trust of many. We assure you that we value your time the most. Like you, we don’t want your loved one to spend another minute behind bars. We have the best and most trusted licensed bail bondsmen in town. They have been trained only by the best in the bail bonds industry. They have also undergone other numerous training necessary to give customer satisfaction and beyond over the years. They are very knowledgeable in every case there is. We assure you that they will give you personalized services.

So, what exactly is a bail bond? A bail bond is a legal document stating that the defendant can get his or her freedom temporarily, provided, that he or she will attend all scheduled court hearings on his or her case. The document should also be signed by a co-signor who will be responsible to remind the defendant of his or her obligations to the court. 

The bail bond will cost you 10% of the bail amount ordered by the court. We offer you flexible payment terms and several methods of payment for your comfort. Once everything has been agreed upon by the defendant, co-signor and your bail bondsman and the payment have been made, your bail bondsman will facilitate the release of the defendant immediately. While the defendant enjoys his or her freedom, remember that it is only temporary and he or she has obligations to the court. It is strongly advised that the defendant complies with the conditions of the court to avoid complications of the process and the possibility of the defendant being arrested again.

We, at our company, take pride in our long line of satisfied clients and the trust that they have given us. Our company will definitely live up to our name as one of the leading bail bonds company in San Diego. We value your time and freedom above all. We are committed to offering fast, courteous and professional service all throughout San Diego. We also spare you of the anxiety brought about by the tedious process. So, when you find a loved one behind bars, give us a call. Our bail bondsmen are waiting for you.

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